Egyptian songs: popular, new, sad, festivals, famous 2021

Online and without downloading, listen to the best Egyptian songs throughout history, the most beautiful songs that achieved high fame and reached the top.

You can listen, with high accuracy, to the most beautiful Egyptian songs that have achieved high ranks for the most powerful singers online, in parentheses.

The download button is below, sir, sponsored by Vodafone Egypt.

egyptian songs online

Egyptian songs online:

It is the application of the most beautiful new Egyptian songs 2021 – more than 100 wonderful Saudi songs.
Online is a service to listen to songs directly over the Internet for users who do not prefer downloading songs, but rather prefer listening to them directly and saving on the amount of memory consumption on the phone.

The application of the most beautiful Egyptian songs gives you to search for songs within several sites to access the site that includes them and presents them with the best recorded quality.

Thus, the application is characterized by providing the user with access to many direct listening links that are constantly updated.

By the way, Pasha, the application contains a list of favorites to favorite songs and keep them to listen to later, and the ability to sort them with libraries that the user creates.

Some songs:

1- mual yadinya dumti limin
2- busi ana aldunya
3- khali eaynak wasat rasik
4- earusti zaelanat miniy
5- akhir dik fi misr
6- bit anti jahdah
7- mahrajan nani eayni
8- mahrajan dhiaab aljabal
9- rajie tani
10- binahb almazh
11- bum bum
12- am alshahid
13- aghniat baba
14- eayiz aruh aldiysku
15- mahrajan mish haruh
16- sahasah yamuealima
17- qalu eulya mutamarid
18- ana alasid ahu
19- ya layl ya basha
20- jambiri
21- mahrajan hath qumraya
22- hatadfae altaman
23- adini alhanan ali ana mish hasih
24- milyun taedim salam
25- mahrajan dahia
26- jamid awi
27- bikhafu min alaghani
28- mawlid shakhlal eashaan tuediy

29- mahrajan sabaya earaya
30- min alyawm
31- yadnia lutasmahi
32- mahrajan shibiyk libiyk min tani
33- khalasat khalas
34- nas minhum
35- shukran liki ya mamati
36- anti biskutayat muqaramisha
37- adeuli fi alharam
38- albahr
39- alyal sahibuna
40- hatshik watadalae
41- ah law laeibt yazhir
42- muharajanat aldunya malahi
43- mahmud lithi shik
44- shaburat ealaa alsuwra
45- taeban
46- kawkab jarhaa
47- mahrajan ghara
48- ahna almuealimin
49- mwal alsabr
50- busi wahda

Also there are more than 80 songs waiting for you, my love!

egyptian songs app
egyptian songs app

Egyptian songs application 2021:

Application of Egyptian songs 2021 has many characteristics, the most important of which are:

• characterized by ease of use, as it is suitable for all ages.

• contains the coolest and most beautiful songs.

• Playing all songs without the net.

• Easy access to songs.

• Clear and high quality songs.

• Professional design.

• It is small in size and does not take up space on your device.

Upload and Download:

You can download and download the application at high speed with Vodafone Egypt, with the click of a button and without ads from the official download page on the store, click on the following button:

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