Iris App for Videos in Arabic Tube 2022

IRiS The best and most powerful Arabic YouTube alternative app, collecting all video ratings, you can watch what you love in high definition.

Iris Site

Who we are IRiS – 500 IRiS is a beautiful website that offers you the most beautiful variety of videos, so that you can watch, download or upload clips that you like to share with others.

who are we

This site is a YouTube alternative site that shows you the most beautiful international videos.
You can watch and download the latest videos completely free of charge.
All kinds of video, trend, songs, social, sports, funny and many more.
It is a place that brings together various types of video, entertainment and entertainment through a rich variety of content.
You can upload videos that you like to share with others easily and smoothly on the site.
You can also download the tracks you like to your device with one click.
Everything you want in the video world Who we are Iris – 500 IRiS in the most beautiful and fun way.

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The Iris App

500 IRiS An Arabic YouTube Android App that contains the most beautiful international videos, watch and download for free the latest videos, trends, songs, social, sports, funny and many more.
Enjoy a beautiful media world full of video.

Download the App:

Iris app works with all Tube Videos.
To download it, click on the following button:

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