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All in one Calculator App is a Math’s and Scientific Calculator App. Solve math problems, Solve equations and matrices in an easy and convenient way, and find step-by-step solutions to a variety of high school and college questions.

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Why All in one Calculator App?

It is not only a Calculator App, it contains all the general and special scales needed in life. As mathematical, scientific and commercial standards, and a lot more.

Because All in one Calculator a free, complete and easy to use multi Calculator and also converter. This app UI design very simple and effective. All in one calculator very easy to use.

And Because the great and popular easy calculator Android App for FREE download.

calculator app features

Calculator app features


  1. Scientific Calculator.
  2. AL-GEBRA (Percentage, Average / Mean, Proportion / Ratio, Equation Solver, Combination, Decimal to Fraction, Fraction Simplifier, GCF / LCM ).
  3. Geometry (Ares, Volume, Right Triangle, Heron’s Formula ).
  4. Unit Converter (Acceleration, Angles, Area, Data Transfer speed, Energy, Force Converter, Power, Pressure, Roman Numerals, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Weight).
  5. Finance Converter(Currency, Unit Price, Sales Tax, Tip, Loan, Interest).
  6. Health (Body Mass Index , Daily Caloric Burn, Body Fat Percentage).
  7. Miscellaneous (Age, Time, Mileage, Ohm’s Law).

Scientific Math’s Calculator

scientific math calculator_

The Calculator has up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits of exponent. It detects repeating decimals and numbers can be also entered as fractions or converted to fractions.

You can write expressions in a natural way and watch your calculations. The result is displayed as a number, simplified expression etc.

Download the app

The Great APK All in one Calculator application is that it is available for free download. You can press the button and then download it immediately from the Store, easily and conveniently, and it works on your mobile.

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