Omar Al-Hamawi and how Android apps became free

Before 2010 Android apps were not free and to download them from the store you need to pay.
2010 was a year of transformation as Android apps started to become free.
Developers from all over the world are creating applications that have been of great benefit to smart device holders.
So what is the secret of this shift from paid to free, who is Omar Al-Hamwi and what is his role in the story?

Who is Omar Al-Hamawi?

Omar Al-Hamawi

Omar Al-Hamwi is an American engineer of Syrian origin who obtained a BA in Computer Science in 1998 from the University of California, USA.

Omar Al-Hamwi founded Admob Advertising Company on April 10, 2006. The entire idea, design and programming of it was for him personally.
His idea was a great success and popular with many software and application developers around the world.
The basis of her idea was mobile advertising.
This topic caught the attention of Google, Apple and many major international companies.

Admob and acquired by Google

Because of the brilliant idea that Omar Al-Hamwi developed with the Admob software, Google desperately wanted to buy the software from it and include it for many of its software.

In November 2009, Google acquired Admob for $750 million and completed the acquisition on May 27, 2010. Apple had expressed its desire to buy Admob in the same year, but Apple was surprised when Google preceded it and did so. Before Google buys all of Admob’s shares.

Android apps became free

APK or Android apps became free after 2010;

Because of Admob, Android app developers are now free to upload apps to the App Store.
Where profit became available to them through in-app advertisements.
So now there are millions of great Android apps on the Google Play Store.

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