Saudi songs: enthusiastic, rap, sad, old, famous 2021

Listen to the best Saudi songs throughout history, the most beautiful songs that achieved high fame and reached the top.
You can listen with high accuracy to the most beautiful Saudi songs that have achieved high ranks for the most powerful singers online.

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saudi songs online app

Saudi songs online:

It is the application of the most beautiful new Saudi songs 2021 – more than 120 wonderful Saudi songs.
It provides a direct service to listen to songs online for users who do not prefer downloading songs, but rather listen to them directly and save on the amount of memory consumption on the phone.

And the Android application, the most beautiful Saudi songs, prevents you from searching for songs within several sites to reach the site that includes them and presents them with the best recorded quality.

The application also features providing user access to many continuously updated direct listening links.

Therefore, the application contains a favorite list to prefer songs and keep them to listen to later, and the ability to sort them with libraries that the user creates.

Some of the songs in the application:

1- al’amakin
2- tahiaati liman damir hayaati
3- ahlaa qamar
4- eud
5- abik
6- win aldalil
7- tasawt
8- artah artabakiti
9- aihlaa khabar
10- artah alhikaya
11- alqarar
12- najmatayn
13- ahki bihimsik
15- halak hulm
16- almawt alahmir
17- asmaeni
18- anani
19- min mithlik
20- eid miladik
21- hudud alnahar
22- halak ghishni
23- ya mufariqani
24- kula yawm naqul alyawm
25- khayif ahbak

26- ahmad yarb
28- tamuru ealbal
29- yulahiquni
30- zayid alsaalih
31- ma abi ghayrak
32- at mink
33- qisat zael
34- taeibt
35- yakhawnuk
36- mahu tashabuhuh
37- ahbuh kalash
38- yahu wash fikum ealayh
39- kifi kifi
40- ya nasim allayl
41- eashar ashia’
42- waqif ealaa babikum
43- taleab ealiin
44- anti
45- ma tar
46- hanaya alruwh
47- anti baghih wahid
48- warur
49- hakm muabad
50- hunin
51- la tarhal

And many other great songs..

saudi songs online

Saudi songs application features:

The application of Saudi songs has many characteristics, the most important of which are:

• It is characterized by ease of use, as it is suitable for all ages.

• It contains the coolest and most beautiful songs.

• Playing all songs without the net.

• Easy access to songs.

• Clear and high quality songs.

• Professional design.

• It is small in size and does not take up space on your device.

Download the app for free:

You can download the application at high speed and with the click of a button and without ads from the official download page on the store, click on the following button:

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