Exclusive famous Syrian songs – a complete songs for 2021

Exclusive, famous Syrian songs – a complete set of songs for 2021 and before, including the most beautiful, sweet, famous, popular and enthusiastic.

All this in one fast application that works in the background and does not require space on your device and works on all mobile devices.

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syrian songs app

Syria songs application 2021

Exclusive Syrian songs application – a complete set of songs 2021 with a service to listen to songs online directly online for users who do not prefer downloading songs, but rather prefer listening to them directly.

Thus, saving on the amount of memory consumption on the phone. The application spares you exclusive Syrian songs from searching for songs within several sites to reach the site that includes them and presents them with the best recorded quality.

The application also features by providing user access to many continuously updated direct listening links.

The application contains a favorite list to favorite songs and keep them for later listening, and the ability to sort them with libraries that the user creates.

Some of the Syrian songs in the application:

1- ghayrik ma bikhtar
2- alwaed waed
3- maek ealimawt
4- ana almalik
5- ana almalik bunjur
7- shafath sadafuh
8- kalimat aetini
9- jitni maksur
10- nas ktir
11- aldunya saghira
12- khaliyni bibalik
13- kayfuna tininatina
14- li fi halab
15- fi altariq alik
16- bayinatuna fi bahr
17- sadaa mawlana
18- khalkhaluha
19- ya qatili
20- zanubya
21- nuhibu albilad
22- shadi eaqlabi

23- ya laytah taealum
24- shababik
25- ahb yadik
26- mawtini
27- hubi alaqawaya’
28- wajhuk yahlu
29- turnz bieitri
30- nam yahabibi
31- subh jadid
32- ati ali
33- shubhatuk limin
34- makhtuq
35- yakun
36- awf misheal
37- mayt hataa ahakiki
38- yajruhi
39- ahmir asafr
40- antakhabnak
43- alf mara
44- albint tajanun
45- ealam tatiun
46- zaealan
47- atul alyal
48- mabniqalak la
49- hawaash altiniy
50- stayilk
51- albusa

And many other great songs.

syria songs

Syrian songs application features

• Famous Syria songs, old popular Hamas, with mp3 accuracy.

• Our application is easy to use.

• It is also suitable for all ages.

• We have chosen for you the coolest and most beautiful songs.

• Speed ​​in playing and flipping songs.

• Attractive beautiful appearance.

• The application can run in the background.

Download the application:

You can easily download the application, no matter what your internet speed is.. its size is small.

Press the following button to download the application:

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